"The Heart of David" Award

Presented by:
Dream Builders Network, Orlando, Florida

Given to a few. They are humble of character, passion, and purpose. They who have a heart for God. They are motivated by love. They believe they were prepared for specific roles and dreams. By faith, and against strong odds, they are willing to take out whatever slingshot they’ve been given and slay whatever Goliath is in front of them. They are people of valor. They are willing to step up when others stand down. They are compelled to keep showing up. Thy demonstrate love to others by pursuing God’s dreams for their lives. Steven French is the epitome of what Dream Builders is all about.

Steve French, Founder of Lˣ Partners
Norm Miller, Founder “I Am Second”
David Nixon, Movie Producer, “Fireproof”
Micheal Flaherty, Founder, Walden Media
Del Tackett, Founder/Teacher, Truth Project
Bobby Bowden, Coach FSU Seminoles
Alex Kendrick, Movie Producer
Mark Batterson, Author, Lion Chaser

"Alumni Of The Year" Award

Presented by:
The King’s College Alumni Association, New York, NY

The Alumnus of the Year Award is granted annually to an alumnus or alumna of The King’s College who has distinguished himself/herself in his/her chosen field, and who exemplifies the Christian philosophy of the College through a life dedicated to the Lord.

Presented to:
Steve French, Founder of Lˣ Partners

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