Harvard UniversityApril 25-26, 2024

Where Human Flourishing Meets Work

What does “flourishing” mean? Maybe you could come up with a dictionary or academic definition. But what does it mean to flourish really?

Flourishing at work can unlock a whole new level of achievement, of understanding, of impact. Your successes today, in fact, could be just a glimpse of what the future holds if you embrace not only the concept of flourishing, but the practical practices that make it possible. 


This spring, we’re convening some of the greatest minds in the marketplace to explore what human flourishing means and how it impacts you and especially your work. 

And it may just be the nugget you need to unlock a new level of understanding and success.

Shaping the Future of Corporate Environments

The Flourishing@Work conference is an “invitation-only” Summit designed exclusively for executives and leaders who want to explore the true essence of flourishing and transform their workplaces. 

Hosted at the premiere institute for thought leadership, Harvard University, the event takes place over two days on April 25th and 26th, 2024. In light of recent events at Harvard, bringing the message of flourishing to this historic campus is more important than ever.

Featuring in-depth discussions, intimate keynotes, and panel discussions, the conference takes a faith-focused approach to what it means to thrive in all aspects of life, but especially how embracing the concept of flourishing can shape the future of corporate environments. 

The conference will feature Harvard’s Human Flourishing team, keynotes from executives, and panel discussions of seasoned CEOs and leaders sharing research findings and practical perspectives to elevate your own flourishing and the flourishing of those around you.

More Than a Conference

This is an exclusive gathering of some of the greatest research minds and most influential business leaders of our time. It’s an opportunity to delve into ideas that matter, discussions that have consequences, and invest in relationships that have meaning. This isn’t just networking, it’s relationship-building.

The Details

When: April 25 & 26, 2024

Why: To explore the important topic of Flourishing at Work

Where: Harvard University

Who: Christian corporate executives and Christian higher education executives by invite only

What: Research, discussion, and practical insights on how to thrive personally and professionally

Speakers:  Harvard’s Human Flourishing teamJohn ColemanJonathon M. SeidlJason MyhreMark ConklinMike SharrowMatthew T. LeeLara Casey IsaacsonAndrew AbelaDavid Miller and others TBA.