We convene our partners to inspire them to live out our mission, and at times, invite world-class communicators and respected corporate leaders to join us. These encounters create a culture of collaboration that results in us being champions of services and experiences for leaders around the world.

Our Core Partners

Prayer Partners

Prayer Partners contribute to our mission by inviting God to bless our efforts to love and lead leaders well. We provide quarterly updates to bring focus for their prayers.

Volunteer Partners

Volunteer Partners contribute to our mission with administrative assistance a few hours a month. This is accomplished in groups, but most often by individuals with their home computer.

Giving Partners

Giving Partners contribute to our mission by financially supporting our non-profit/ NGO work around the world.

Companies Impacted

Our Corporate Partners

Mark Bennardo

Mark and Steve share a common passion for transformative experiences which have been expressed through corporate events at landmark venues such as Hard Rock Live! and the Ritz-Carlton in Orlando. Mark is the creative director of Transperia Group, Inc., a Corporate Event & Media Production company. Transperia helps busy sales, marketing, and corporate executives eliminate the stress, hassle, and budget fears associated with creating their corporate events and media projects, and helps them produce their best event or project EVER.

Kennan Burch

Kennan and Steve have been deeply involved in numerous catalytic initiatives that have transformed leaders throughout the city of Orlando. Kennan is the founder of Brand Catalyst Partners. Kennan is a highly accomplished brand catalyst and coach. He aligns executive teams on their “highest compelling truth” and then works with them to bring their brand to life. While most branding agencies focus on creating messaging to their customers, Kennan focuses on ensuring the organization is living their brand promise every day.

Chad Crawford

Chad and Steve have enjoyed twenty years of a friendship that includes living in the same town and serving together on numerous professional projects. Chad is the creator and host of the Emmy award-winning ‘how to Do florida’ series. It began as a way to combine Chad’s passions – filmmaking, Florida, and literally anything outdoors – but has evolved into a passion project. Chad uses his platforms to create fans of Florida, but more importantly, he’s interested in creating advocates for Florida.

Angela Owen

Angela and Steve have been teammates in shaping the lives of young Chinese leaders through their introductions to, and influence of, USA executives. She is an author, executive coach, and cofounder of Truventure Enterprises. She delivers practical yet dynamic leadership development and business coaching to audiences around the world. Truventure provides strategy for wildly successful business, living, and ministry.

Brent Sapp

Brent and Steve have been experiencing life together for twenty years through a small group that they affectionately call “The Tunnel Boys.” Brent is the CEO of 4M Navigator, LLC and a Partner in Newport LLC. He has worked with over 1000 Business Owners in the past ten years, many in the Inc. 5000. Brent is a quick-start catalyst for Owners/Founders of growth companies to maintain momentum and prevent a stall in “No Man’s Land”, the growth stage when companies are too big to be small and too small to be big; and when over 90% of growing companies fail.

Flaps van der Merwe

Flaps and Steve share a common passion to inspire people to live significant lives and to lead and love our children well. Flaps is the CEO of Oaks Collective – a creative communications agency with the mantra: Revealing and Articulating Significance.

Jonathon M Seidl

Jon and Steve serve together on the alumni committee of The King’s College. Jon is a writer, author, and digital media veteran. He’s worked with some of the biggest names in media, and specializes in personal and corporate storytelling as well as developing effective content strategies.

Holly Tate

Holly and Steve share a passion for the mission of The King’s College in NYC as they serve together on the Alumni Executive Committee. Holly is the founder of The Ready Network, an entrepreneur, speaker, growth strategist, and member of the Forbes Communications Council. With a decade of marketing and sales experience, Holly empowers people and organizations by connecting them to the tools and resources they need to grow.

Be a Lx Partner

Our partners contribute to our mission. They contribute with their corporate services, prayers, volunteer services, and finances. Contact us to know more about being a Lx Partner.